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September 14, 2015

Maten quizlet

Calorie estimates

How French are you?

slides for the seminars at iscte

May 23, 2014

the current slides for all 3 seminars

survey on emotions from videos (english and portuguese)

May 21, 2014

survey on emotions from videos (english and portuguese)

good piece on gluten and carbs

December 21, 2013

carbs, dementa, and science

Nordic food makes immigrants sick

August 26, 2013

Nordic food makes immigrants sick

early spices

August 22, 2013

obesity is not (only) due to lacking willpower

June 20, 2013

obesity is not (only) due to lacking willpower

distraction reduces taste

June 11, 2013

distraction reduces taste

another piece on nordic diet

June 2, 2013


May 17, 2013


curry is old. very old. and still tasty.


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